Bauska Old Town Courtyard Festival

12/09/2015 Bauska, Bauska Old Town

Bauska Old Town is an urban architectural monument that is of national importance and which dates back to sixteenth to nineteenth centuries. The historic buildings with their courtyards characterise the peculiar architecture of Bauska’s Old Town. During the festival, visitors can take a look at more than twenty courtyards in the Old Town, with creative and sporting activities for children and grown-ups, markets, musical performances, and the chance to learn historic facts about Bauska as the former capital of the duchy of Kurzeme-Zemgale. Through visiting the courtyards and collecting stamps on their events map, visitors can take part into the festival’s closing lottery in which they have a chance of winning prizes that have been provided by the entrepreneurs who support the festival. In parallel with this event, the Porridge Eating Festival and the Big Murza Garage. Sale also take place.

More on events in Bauska: Events in Bauska 2015 at the official visitor site of Bauska.

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